Churches of Christ, Modbury

955-957 North East Road, 

Modbury,  South Australia 5092, Australia

Here at Modbury we're all about helping people to know Jesus, being a place where we can worship God in Spirit and Truth, serving our community and each other, teaching all to be disciples of Christ and growing together as a people who care.

Church services are held every Sunday and we have many programs for children, teenagers and adults. 

Most importantly we hope you feel welcome and we look forward to seeing you at one of our services.

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Ministry Team Leader

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As I look back over my years as a minister, I have come to realise that even though I came into the ministry in my thirties, I was still quite naïve and innocent in a number of things.  One of the things that shocked and disappointed me the most was to come to the realisation that most of the criticism and negativity we have faced came from within the church.  I guess I must have had this high ideal that the church was the place we could find the love and grace of God being evident and that any negative force, critical nature or opposition would come from outside the church.